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 Exotic Blanks Pen Turning how-to videos! 

Videos will open full size by clicking on the square in the corner of the video. 

Pen Turning Series - How To Turn a Pen #1 - #8  




 Band-It Pen Centerband and other info

Creating a mandrel for turning centerband

Filling the centerband with "Crushed Opal" part 1

Filling the centerband with "Crushed Opal" part 2

How to Turn a Pen Kit

Making an Acrylic Pen - A Beginners Tutorial

Assembly of a "Junior-series" Pen Kit

Assembly of a Baron/Sedona Pen Kit

Assembly of the Thank-you & Diamond Knurl Ballpoint Pen Kits-Body Twist

Making a Closed-End Serpentine Pen

Making the 45 Cal Pen Kit

Making an Atrax Fountain Pen Kit - Part 1

Making an Atrax Fountain Pen Kit - Part 2

Alternative Antique Ivory used to make Churchill pen

How To Turn a Glacia Pen Kit

How To Make a Perfect Fit Pen Kit - Part 1

How To Make a Perfect Fit Pen Kit - Part 2 Cutting a Tenon

How To Make a Perfect Fit Pen Kit - Part 3 Assembly

How To Turn a Longline Slimline Pen Kit

Pen Turning Tips & Tricks

How to Turn "Off-center" Tube-In Pen Blanks

Click mechanism assembly--Click here

Aligning the drill press table

Turning"Faux stone"

Berea Lever Action pen making and troubleshooting

Mosaic CE and carbide tools

Skew used to make Alternative Ebony Pen

Tips On Turning Spectraply Blanks

Troubleshooting-tips to "fix" a kit pen

Turning an Acrylic Pen - A Beginning Tutorial

Wood-turning cross-grained Spalted Wood pen

Wood - Reinforcing a Wood Blank

Facing the Blank with Sandpaper on the Lathe

Sandpaper facing on the lathe--making the disk

Fountain pen part one-Click here

Fountain pen part two-includes assembly- Click here

"Troubleshoot" pen that is not working right-

Mark Dreyer "10 minutes to better penmaking series"

GluBoost and GluDry-click here

Choosing a kit (component sets)-click here

Acrylic preparation-click here

Drilling-click here

Painting acrylic pen blanks-click here

Pen blank coloring techniques-click here

Gluing in tubes-click here

Milling the ends-click here

Sanding -click here

Turning wood with carbide-click here

Turning Acrylic with carbide tools-click here

Finishing-GluBoost over acrylic-click here

Finishing-Glass like finish on acrylic-click here

Assembly-click here

Creating a steam punk blank-click here

Label prep for casting-click here

Stopping "Out of Round" results-click here

Deer Antler pen prep-click here

Rings-inlaying powders

John Underhill-Underhill Creations

Demolding your vertical cast

Casting-setting up tubes for vertical cast

Finials-creating custom finials

Color Casting with John Underhill


How To Turn a Pen With Unique Materials

Cambridge in Antique Alternate Ivory - Click Here

Cebloplast - Click Here

Chiyogami - click here

Circuit board blank-turning

Facing a feather blank

Making a pen from "Lava" blanks (Alumilite)

"Pirate bone" -- click here

Feather pen blank-turning 

Turning a complex segmented acrylic pen blank 

Cherry pit blank turning 

 Turning a zebra pattern acrylic with a skew 

Turning a Checkered Flag Blank - Click Here

Making a Whalebone Pen #1 - Click Here

Making a Whalebone Pen #2 - Click Here

Paua/Abalone pen turning

Circuit board pen blank turning on Sierra

"Acrylic" or plastic pen turning technique

Stars & Stripes Laser kit assy and turning

Turning a shaving brush handle

Rotacrylic pen turning-drill straight!

RhinoPlastic (Polyresin) pen turning

Cholla Pen Series

Drilling a Cholla Blank - Click Here

Turning a Cholla Blank - Click Here 

Filling a Cholla Blank - Click Here

Finishing a Cholla Blank - Click Here 


Tips and Techniques

Click pen "Drop test" LeRoi click-Click here

Align the drillpress -click here

Replacing the nib on a fountain pen - Click here

Inking a Fountain Pen with a Converter - Click Here

Pen Turning Without Brass Tubes & Making Your Own Bushings - Click Here

Tubeless Penturning #1 - Click Here

Pen Blank Selection

Penturning bushings-making your own, turning without brass tubes

Painting Pen Tubes - What Color? - Click Here

Reverse Painting an Acrylic Pen Blank - Click Here

Sanding disc for squaring pen blanks-click Here

Reinforcing brittle blanks with popsicle sticks-click here

Snakeskin blanks-facing and thinCA-Click here

Tools and Materials Series

Applying Wood Turners Finish to a Pen - Click Here

Pen Turning with a Skew - Click Here 

Pen Wizard   - Click Here 

Replacing a Stylus on a Sierra Pen - Click Here

Turning Resin with gouge, scraper, skew--Click Here


Carbide tools "On the level"--Click Here

Using Exotics' Partners' Blanks

Chiyogami-"D" shaped blanks--Click here

Tornadic Twists - Click here

Neptune Pens - Click here

Omni-Ribbon by Rob - Omni Ribbon

"Pirate Bone" by Neptune - Pirate bone

Rotacrylic pen blanks-drill and turn - Click here

      See Rotacrylic blanks here

Rotacrylic drilling 9-2017  here

Serpentine blank, closed end click here

SportSupport - click here

Steampunk by MIK - click here


Finishing Products

CraftCoat Application - Click Here

Applying Wood Turners Finish to a Pen - Click Here

Glu_Boost video:  Click here

Glu Boost alt method: click here



Zodiac pen kit's feature introduced - Click Here

Zodiac circuit board - Click Here

TUNING a fountain pen nib

We at ExoticBlanks do not pretend to be experts, so we have chosen a few for you to watch and learn!!

Tuning a nib (SBREBrown): click here

A Second helping of SBREBrown:  click here

Aligning the nib and feed-Goulet Pen:  click here

Ink Flow-Goulet pen: click here