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We gladly accept most forms of credit card payment -  Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express etc. PayPal transactions are also gladly accepted and supported as payment options upon checkout.

If you would rather call in your payment info, please select the Call or send in payment button. This will save the items in your order but will show as "Queued" on your account. Any order placed in a "Queued" status must be paid for within 24 hours, or it will be canceled. Otherwise, holding an order and canceling it is unfair to our artists and other customers. Please note that this method of queuing and ordering may also delay the shipping slightly until we can manually process your payment.

Exotic Blanks

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Shipping Policy

Domestic Shipping. Unless otherwise noted, we will ship your order via UPS or USPS (We will try to honor your chosen carrier but reserve the right to change at our discretion). CONUS USPS shipping is usually a floating fee based on weight, speed, and distance, but if your items require more than one box, have two or more orders combined, and/or need a larger box, additional shipping may be required. We usually refund shipping for combined orders, but as often, these combined orders also increase freight costs due to the increases in size and weight, refunds will be at our discretion. 

Alaska and Hawaii. -  Exotics will cover shipping up to one USPS large flat rate box to Alaska and Hawaii. If any additional FRB boxes are needed, or if we need to ship in a large oversized (by weight) box, actual shipping rates will need to be applied, and we may need to contact you before your order is completed.

When you check out, we offer an insurance option if you want your order insured. We encourage insurance, but you do not wish or choose to have your package insured; that is your prerogative, but you are also accepting the risk. 

Any items that are considered ORM-D (flammable, certain chemicals, etc.), cannot by law be shipped air and must go ground UPS ground shipping.

Express (overnight) services are also available, but fees will vary based on weight and distance, so we can not standardize those as an option on the site. Please contact us for a quote on any orders you would like overnight.

International Shipping. Shipping for all International is charged an estimated USPS rate plus estimated insurance. Due to the large variety of item sizes and weights that we handle (as well as the new USPS International zone rates), our software can't figure out international shipping charges accurately upon checkout. Once your order is pulled, boxed, and weighed we will manually determine the shipping and insurance charges for your package and zone. Any overpayment will be refunded back to you.

Currently, Exotics charges International customers the amount we must pay to ship and insure your package via the USPS plus a $3.00 fee per order to handle customs processing. If your order fits in a USPS "small flat rate" box, or if the shipping costs are lower than what you were charged on checkout, we will refund the overpayment. Please note "non-flat rate box" International orders will be determined and shipped based on size and/or weight for USPS Priority Mail. If your items are oversized or bulky (Cases, large rods, large qualities of boxes, etc), shipping may be more than the estimated amount, and we will need to contact you before your order is completed. Lathe turning tools are oversized items and will require the additional freight charges to be determined and paid before the order can be shipped 

Tracking for international orders sent via USPS is generally unavailable once your order leaves the US postal system. However, given the routing number provided, your local country's postal system may be quite good at providing your order's progress. We will do our best to assist you, but Exotics cannot be responsible for the loss or damage of international packages.  Exotics is not responsible for customs fees, duties, and/or VAT charges. 

ReShippers - If you are an international customer, we will gladly ship to any US-based forwarding services for you. These can often be a very cost-effective way of shipping. However, please be aware that many of these services will open your mail and repack the packages. Once the reshipper receives your package from us, Exotics can not be responsible for any items lost by the reshipper/forwarder after or during this repacking, nor for the loss of the package from reshipping. Should your order have missing items, or the package gets lost in transit to you from the reshipper, please get in touch with your reshipper/freight forwarder. 

For foreign orders that need warranty parts. The parts must be sent to the ship-to address on the original order. If the order was US-based and you want parts sent internationally, we will happily change that. But in that event, the customer must pay any additional postage for the parts or replacements.

We welcome and ship orders to almost all countries as long as USPS ships there. We are not shipping to Russia, the Czech Republic, South Africa, Malaysia, Vietnam, Ukraine, Turkey, or Ireland. (We reserve the right to change this list without notice)

BREXIT - Apologies, but any orders shipped directly to the UK after Jan 1, 2021 must now be over GBP 135.00 (not including shipping). This is due to the new BREXIT restrictions on all non-UK merchants. For orders under GPB 135.00  in goods, you may wish to consider a US-based reshipper/consolidator.

We can also send packages via common courier or express services such as DHL, FedEx or UPS. These services are often faster than the postal service but also more expensive. Rates will vary with weight and destination; don't hesitate to contact us for a quote if you would like to use an express courier. 

Generally, all domestic in-stock orders will be shipped within one business day. We will do our best to ensure your order’s safe delivery, but please keep in mind that regardless if your order is domestic or international, Exotic Blanks cannot be responsible for loss or damage via USPS or UPS. 


Shipping Returns

If a package is returned to ExoticBlanks due to an incorrect shipping address provided by a customer, or due to a failure to clear customs, the customer will be responsible for any additional shipping costs or the return shipping cost as the well redelivery cost. We apologize but we can not be responsible for packages delivered incorrectly or returned due to incorrect shipping information or failure to clear or pay customs fees or VAT. The post office and couriers do not refund delivery charges for wrong addresses or for customs issues, so please check your ship-to address and contact info carefully.


ALL kits come to us from the manufacturer on a pre-packaged basis only. That means that we do not have, nor carry, extra kit pieces (other than the occasional special purchases that will be listed on the site.) Manufacturers DO NOT provide us with extra parts for their kits. Thus much as we may like, we can not be responsible for pieces that are lost or damaged during the assembly of a kit. (Please be careful and read the provided instructions!), 

We will be happy to take care of and replace any parts from a kit that we consider to be defective for up to 6 months from the date of purchase. As parts need to be taken from existing kits, the kit must still be a current version and not a closeout or revised model. All warranties are on a case-by-case basis. Please email a photo of the defective part to Sales@exoticblanks so that we can id it and send the correct part. Items after six months from the date of purchase or that we consider to have been heavily used or abused are exempted from any warranty consideration. 

Please be aware can not responsible for any parts that are damaged during assembly, by your customer or where you purchased the kit from another vendor or individual. 

But (although rare), we realize that every once in a while, a piece can be missing or a wrong piece can be inserted from the factory. If this happens, please get in touch with us as soon as you are aware of the issue (this should be within 7 days of the date of original purchase). And we will be happy to take care of any problems for you! Any missing parts after 14 days from the date of original purchase may be subject to a charge for the part (plus shipping). Any parts sent internationally will need to pay for shipping. For any other item that was errantly omitted from your order, you must notify us within 7 days of receipt of your order. Please make sure to inspect your order upon arrival!


Exotics does its best to reflect current prices and discount schedules on the website. Nevertheless, due to unforeseen changes, prices may change without notice. Additionally, typographical errors or errors in technical descriptions sometimes may happen; for this, we apologize and will correct any issue as soon as we are aware.

Out of stocks

Items not in stock cannot be back-ordered. However, you can be notified via email when an out-of-stock item becomes available by clicking the "Notify Me" button on the product page. The checkout automatically computes the quantity product discounts on your order. Orders submitted later can not be combined with earlier orders for a higher quantity discount.

Privacy Notice and Mailing Lists

Simply, your personal information is yours. We will not sell, transfer, or rent out any personal information for any use by anyone other than ExoticBlanks admin.


Site Content and Images

As a condition of use, we reserve all rights regarding the content of this site, including images, tutorials, articles, and concepts. These are the sole property of ExoticBlanks, LLC. You may not copy, redistribute, or sell any content, images, or other intellectual property without our express written permission. ExoticBlanks® is a registered trademark, all rights reserved.